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Families going through adoption for the first time


A family may have several concerns and questions regarding the adoption. The following questionnaire is designed by to help the families seeks answers to any questions that they might have.

Are we eligible for adoption ?

different states in American have different rules regarding the adoption process but one thing is common and families must be prepared to go through a close scrutiny by different government agencies to ensure that you are fit to care for a child. The agencies usually check the financial, emotional and safety capabilities of the family with regard to the child being adopted.

How long does it take?

there is no universal answer for this question the time of the adoption would vary from case to case and the type of adoption being chosen by the family, the entire adoption process would take about 1 year to 2 year.

How much does it cost?

Usually the government organizations don’t charge anything to adopt a child but merely carry out background checks on the potential parents, but if choosing to adopt from a private institute or electing international adoption it could cost about $35,000.

Where should we begin?

The families that are seeking to adopt should first decide the type of adoption and select the institution from where they wish to adopt a child, after taking care of these issues the family can approach an adoption institution and discuss their case with them.

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Helping Children understand adoption


Many families have difficulty in explaining to their adopted children regarding the issue of adoption. Or tend to hide the fact completely under the belief that the child would feel more accepted and attuned with the family if they feel that he or she is living with their biological parents. Child specialists believe that children should be properly communicated their status of adoption and if possible should be allowed to have some means of connection and communication with the biological parents.

People adopt children for many reasons that can be medical, personal or emotional but whatever the reason may be the parents need to connect with the child on emotional level. Adopted children tend to have trust issues because of having a sense of abandonment upon not being accepted by their biological parents. But overtime they develop a connection with their families that is not only strong but can also be more open then biological parents.

If the family is adopting a child despite having other biological children then they need to make sure that those children are properly taught about adoption and what would it mean to adopt a child. The children need to be taught that the adopted brother or sister would have the same privileges and should be treated with respect and consideration as their other siblings are. The parents should engage in regular communication and ensure that their children are able to accept and cherish each other.

Adoption is a beautiful thing but it requires commitment therefore the parents who are deciding to adopt a child need to communicate with their entire family and earn the confidence of entire family before going through with the adoption process.

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3 Main Misconceptions about Adoptions


Families have to go through a lot of stress and stigma in order to make a decision regarding adoption. Irrespective of the reason of adoption a family needs to discuss the process in detail and need to understand the procedure in order to make the process of adoption as smooth as possible. Below I would be discussing some of the common myths and misconceptions that are commonly found in the families going through adoption for the first time.

1) Families should not adopt older children (8- 12)

Our media and literature is responsible for creating this myth that adoption older children is the worst idea that a person can make. Usually the movies and books portray adopted children to have aggressive behavior or show an aloofness to the parent but that is far from truth, research reveals that adopted children have the same level of issues as biological children.

An older child might remain reserved for a longer time and may take longer to accept the new family but caring for them and helping them get that trust usually results in creating strong bond between parents and children.

2) Open adoption carries the risk of biological parents reclaiming the child

Many families tend to avoid open adoption in which the biological mother can continue to have a connection and line of communication with the adoptive child because they believe that it would provide a way for the biological mother to reclaim her child whenever she wishes or believe that having such contact with the biological mother would stop the child from developing a healthy relation with adopted parents but data reveals that open adoption tends to be the best and most successful option.

3) Only Wealthy can adopt children

Law requires that the adopting family should have enough means to provide a secure and safe future and lifestyle for the child that does not mean that average families or middle class families cannot adopt children.

As long as the family is able to provide for the child they can adopt a child.